In Janine's workshops, you will experience a felt sense of "You" Using Yoga therapy and yogic tools to access your gross and subtle anatomy and physiology. Learn ways to increase your flexibility and mobility, decrease pain, anxiety, depression and more. Find a deeper connection to yourself, feel empowered and a part of your healing journey. For more info / to make a booking, contact Janine.

    In today's hustle and bustle, Anxiety is an issue many of us suffer from, exaggerated worry and tension, panic, PTSD, and social phobia's. In this workshop series, Certified Yoga Therapist Janine Naman and Clinical Counsellor Nadine Hope will lead us through proven techniques to cope and manage the effects that Anxiety has upon our mind and body. You will learn effective strategies to reduce anxiety, panic, worry and negative self-talk. Informative and practical, this workshop offers relief from the daily struggle of living with anxiety, guiding you towards a path of greater ease and well-being.

    Learn research-based techniques you can use anywhere Utilize Yogic Tools including asana (postures), breath, sound, and mental perspective. Relax chronically tense muscles to create ease of movement in the upper spine.Re-pattern optimal alignment of head, neck, and shoulders. Understand the connection between stress, breath, and neck tension For more info / to make a booking, contact Janine.

    Stress management: How do you deal with stress: Why? Employees can feel the pressure of having to keep to their schedules, challenging customers, stressful days and time management. Alignment: How we stand or sit make a difference: Why? According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Employees commonly report musculoskeletal disorders, including work-related upper limb disorders and back problems. These are attributed to the requirement for maintaining awkward postures of the upper body and limbs while performing highly repetitive tasks, fatigue and other health problems from standing or sitting long hours. This workshop will help increases productivity. Improve problem-solving skills. To make better decisions, feel refreshed, more focused and have a more positive attitude with co-workers Get more creative! New ideas enter the mind more freely when we take time during the workday to stop working and focus on the present.

    When we become busy or stressed, the digestive system is one of the first to go out of balance. Discover yoga's secrets of postures and breathing and mindful practices that realign digestive health. Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of natural medicine, states that the health of the digestive system is the single most important long-term determinant of health and well-being. When the digestive system is not functioning efficiently toxins accumulate and seep out into the body rather than being eliminated. Yoga for digestion is designed to balance the digestive fires and tone the digestive system to maximize the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste. For more info / to make a booking, contact Janine.

    Do some of the breath techniques (“prana-yama” in Sanskrit) of our yoga class mystify you or seem just out of reach? Do you ever wonder exactly why breath techniques are important to your physical yoga practice. The power of your breath is the most important part of any yogi's practice. It is also one of the most difficult skills to master. Dedicating your time to this session to understand more deeply the power of breath and the techniques to channel this power will enhance not only your yoga practice immensely, but also teach you how your breath can affect and transform your daily life off the mat. Learn the secrets to refining and mastering your breath. Through theory and guided practice, you'll experience the power of the sacred science of breath and discover how, the breath can be used to still the mind, enhance mental balance & control, and for the management of pain and stress .