Just wanted to say thanks again for the workshops!
The feedback has been very positive!!! 
The breathing awareness really resonated with them. It was a fantastic way to begin the day, the positivity could be felt in the room and they really did feel valued. Thank you :)

JASON O'BRIEN Western Regional Training Manager

"My story begins at the tail end of my sports career.  I had played many rough physical sports over the years and also had a car accident or two, which left my body with many physical issues and over compensations, and frankly my mind not in a good area.  I found myself with numbness in my legs and upper body, I was found to have Lumbar Spondylosis along with a few other problem areas and a herniated disk in my neck that needed an operation.  After my surgery I found some issues resolve but many of them not overly improving, I was a 26 year old moving at the rate of an 85 year old.  My Osteopath heavily emphasized I needed to find my breath and pointed me in the direction of restorative yoga.  As my issue was quite complex, I started to hunt down a Yoga Therapy practitioner to work with.  After reading Janine's profile I knew instantly she would be the person I would go to, as she underwent her own process of healing and I knew she could relate and guide me through my own journey to recovery.  What I did not know was how effective.... Read More

- Kevin P

"I have been receiving yoga therapy from Janine [of Inner Glow Yoga] for about a year. I came to her via a kinesiologist who had been treating me for a few months. He stated that he had done all he could for my issue, and that some really good stretching would help, and to consider hip surgery in the future. His office gave me two yoga clinics to contact, and I chose Inner Glow Yoga, and made an appointment with Janine. I had two very serious accidents about thirty years ago, and tried to ignore the resulting pain and reduced mobility. But it had recently reached the stage where I was walking with a bad limp, was often unable to ride my horse, and could not sleep comfortably. Janine's treatment and advice have improved my walking and riding tremendously, and have had wide-ranging benefits on the rest of my life. Most importantly, I am learning to listen to and have compassion for myself, my body.    Janine is a delightful, down-to-earth person who is passionate about her work. I most highly recommend her!

-Kath R

"I started with Inner Glow Yoga 2 years ago, and I was so impressed with Janine's knowledge of the body, how things "flow", and how we are encouraged to listen to our bodies. I've gotten a lot more from yoga than I thought I would, and I couldn't have found  a better teacher anywhere. Yoga has, and will continue to be, a positive part of my life. Namaste!"

_ Michelle

"Outstanding instructor! Wisdom, skill, patience, understanding, living mindfully. Without Janine there would be a huge hole in my life!"


 "Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment that you bring to each class! It is so nice to do an exercise that allows us to be so proactive with our health!"


"Janine’s sense of feeling the mood of the class participants is phenomenal. Each class is structured to fit the mood. Perfect!"