As a society, we have been programmed to run to the doctor and get a prescription for anything that ails us. We are always on the lookout for the latest quick fix. We are bombarded constantly with advertisements for pills, creams, and sprays that promise to cure whatever ache, pain or feeling we have. If we’re depressed and exhausted, we don’t look for causes, we just medicate – usually without thinking about whether or not there is a natural alternative available.

Healthy Living: The Secrets to Natural Health & Wellness features 6 natural health practitioners. This book project was initiated in order to educate people about natural health alternatives that exist today. We decided to seek out the brightest and best practitioners from various disciplines for this book because we wanted to share some interesting insights from these 6 inspiring women.

The co-authors of this book are:
Janine Naman – The Benefits of Yoga Therapy
Kim De Boer – The Body Code, the Emotion Code and How They Relate to Natural Health
Dr. Suzanne Sykurski – Inflammation: The Root of all Disease
Robyn Wyman – The Incredible Healing Powers of Essential Oils
Valri Cunningham – The Health Benefits of Building Muscle Naturally
Dr. Jodie McDonald – Treating Lyme Disease Naturally

This book was written in a casual Question and Answer style. Each of the co-authors was selected based on their experience, education and reputation. In each chapter/interview, you will see how passionate they all are about their specialty.

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